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update schedule

Confirmed: new update schedule for The Wretched Ones

after testing the waters with my internship today, i have come to the conclusion that i do have time to add an extra update each week for the summer. this will last until late august when school starts again

so right now, (page #) A will be posted Fridays, and (page #) B will be posted Mondays

I think this will be good because it will move the plot along and force me to do more drawing and writing for the comic each week. Maybe we can even finish a chapter before the year is over. Imagine that?!

Oh, I also need to be thinking about the 3 year anniversary on August 1st. If anyone wants to pitch and idea i will happily consider it.

posted by Yayne @ 05 May 2015 07:51 pm  -  0 comments

Extra sketches

So I've found a recent resurgence of inspiration and have been trying to draw up a storm while its still around. This weekend is going to be fairly chill for me due to a lightening of my load here at school. I know this wont last long so im going to take advantage of it. Im going to use the official tumblr (a link to which can be found on the left sidebar) to post some of my sketches because why not? Not all of them can be posted because they are of characters not yet introduced and i do not post about ANYTHING that has not already been in the comic unless its completely irrelevant.

posted by Yayne @ 13 Mar 2015 12:29 am  -  0 comments


The impossible has happened! I am actually ahead of schedule!

I scanned both page 61 and 62 today, which gives me 4 comics in total, so i am well prepared for the next 4 updates!

Dont forget TWO has a facebook page. Leave a like if you would like, maybe share one of the new page links on your timeline. All the people who have already done this are uber cool, and everyne who will do this in the future are cool too.

Dont forget my project blog is in the links at the side there. It has a whole bunch of stuff, the special TWO pictures i posted and took down from here are all together there. I also made a lets play of minecraft hunger games and you can find a link to it there.

Other than that, im still working and trying to make money.

posted by Yayne @ 18 Jun 2014 04:54 pm  -  0 comments

Rating (again)

Page 62a will be the first page that will definitely be adding in adult content. Nothing explicit, I don't like drawing nudity, but there's gonna be... stuff. Sexy stuff.

Again, I don't know when to change the rating from Safe to Mature and from SFW to NSFW. I don't know where the line is when I'm not being 100% explicit.

Just let me know if you think I should change the rating.

posted by Yayne @ 16 Jun 2014 09:23 pm  -  0 comments


So, the rating is only going to go up from here. There is going to be a lot of blood. And body parts.
Just as good old Mort said in 59a, hes had to help with a lot of autopsies (there is an explanation of why a medical doctor like him is helping in the morgue and not another mortician or a surgeon). 60b will feature seeing someone perform one. Its not going to be gory, that's not what this comic is about, but there will be blood. And i might do a gag with an organ, I dunno.
I want some feedback on if or when I should change the rating from normal to mature on here (i would also have to change it on project wonderful to NSFW and on all the comic listings out there).
If I dont get feedback, its going to be labeled SFW until I feel Ive pushed the limits.

posted by Yayne @ 04 Jun 2014 07:20 pm  -  0 comments


trudging through the pages... wanting to work on one part but it would disturb the flow of the comic... gotta do what i gotta do.
Im kinda tired, honestly. I wont stop making the comics but I'm sure they'll keep coming in not finished during the first release day. If none of you checked, I keep posting more completed pages each Friday, so pages that were originally only partially colored are now done, or close to it.
The 2 year anniversary of the comic is coming up August 1st. I feel bad because in two years, with consistent weekly updates, i should have 104 comics on here, but I only have 71. I really need to step up my game, but... its hard... especially when I've not gotten any money from this.
Please excuse this post, its almost 2am and I need sleep.
I guess I'm just down because I've passed the point of 'omg so many people looking at my comics!' and am back at 'why isnt anyone reading it?'
Its a sad cycle...

posted by Yayne @ 01 Jun 2014 12:54 am  -  0 comments


The Wretched Ones got a Facebook page! I put a (functioning) link under the Links section to the left. Like it, share it!

posted by Yayne @ 04 Apr 2014 02:21 am  -  0 comments

Positive, Negative

Positive: Page 55 is all scanned in and on my ipad
Negative: all my styluses have broken
Positive: I ordered a new fancy wacom stylus
Negative: It wont get here until Thursday
Positive: If I put enough time into it, I can have at least the line art and some color done by my usual posting time 12:30-1am Friday, and by the end of the day have the rest of it completed

Meanwhile, please help support the comic by telling your friends or posting about it on a social network. I appreciate everyone who are current regular readers, and everyone who comes on here for the first time and reads every page. I know the half pages are making this drag out a lot, but maybe during the summer I can do full pages again.

posted by Yayne @ 25 Mar 2014 04:46 pm  -  0 comments

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